Permanent Lip Blushing: A Revolutionary Trend in the Beauty World

Permanent Lip Blushing: A Revolutionary Trend in the Beauty World 2

What is Permanent Lip Blushing?

If you’re someone who loves experimenting with different makeup trends, then you must have heard of the newest trend – Permanent Lip Blushing. As the name suggests, Permanent Lip Blushing is a type of aesthetic tattoo that uses semi-permanent pigments to enhance the natural color and shape of your lips. Unlike traditional lip tattoos, Permanent Lip Blushing is done with a specialized needle and method that creates a more natural and subtle look.

How is Permanent Lip Blushing done?

The process of Permanent Lip Blushing is relatively simple and usually takes about two hours. Before getting the procedure done, a practitioner will have a detailed consultation with you to discuss the shape, size, and color of your lips. After that, they will apply a numbing cream to make the procedure painless.

Once the numbing cream has taken effect, the practitioner will use a micro-needle to gently introduce the pigment to your lips. This pigment stays in the top layer of your skin, creating a natural-looking flush of color. Unlike traditional tattoos, the pigments used in Permanent Lip Blushing will gradually fade over time rather than turn blue or gray.

What are the benefits of Permanent Lip Blushing?

Permanent Lip Blushing offers numerous benefits over traditional lipsticks and other lip enhancement treatments. For starters, it saves you time as you no longer have to spend hours applying lipstick or other lip products to achieve the perfect pout. Moreover, it lasts longer than typical lip products—usually around two to three years with touch-ups every six months—and is smudge-proof and water-resistant.

Another significant benefit of Permanent Lip Blushing is that it enhances the shape and symmetry of your lips. Many people have asymmetrical lips, which can be corrected with Permanent Lip Blushing. It also adds fullness to thin lips and can reduce the appearance of fine lines around the mouth.

Who is a good candidate for Permanent Lip Blushing?

Permanent Lip Blushing is an excellent option for anyone looking for a long-lasting and low-maintenance lip enhancement treatment. However, it is not suitable for everyone. If you have a history of cold sores or fever blisters, you will need to take preventative medication before the procedure to avoid any outbreaks. Additionally, if you have sensitive skin or allergies to pigments, you should avoid Permanent Lip Blushing.

How to take care of your Permanent Lip Blushing?

After getting Permanent Lip Blushing, you need to take extra care of your lips to ensure that the color remains vibrant. Avoid applying any products on your lips, including lip balms, for the first few days after the procedure. Also, avoid hot drinks, saunas, and hot tubs for the first week post-treatment. Once healed, use a lip balm with SPF to prevent the color from fading when exposed to sunlight.


Permanent Lip Blushing, while still a relatively new concept, is quickly gaining popularity as the go-to option for long-lasting, low maintenance lip enhancement. Not only is it painless and time-saving, but it also enhances your natural features and boosts your confidence. If you are considering getting Permanent Lip Blushing, be sure to do your research and only opt for a qualified practitioner to ensure the best results. We’re always looking to add value to your learning experience. For this reason, we recommend checking out this external source containing extra and pertinent details on the topic. Semi Permanent Makeup, explore more!

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