How to Get the Best Outdoor Headshots in NYC using Natural Lighting

The Importance of Outdoor Headshots

Headshots are crucial for making a great first impression in the professional world. Whether you are trying to land a job, sell a product, or promote yourself, a high-quality headshot can make all the difference. In recent years, there has been a shift towards using natural light for outdoor headshots in NYC. This technique offers a more authentic and natural look, which is preferred in many industries. Here are some tips for getting the best outdoor headshots in NYC using natural lighting.

Choose the Right Time of Day

The first step to getting great outdoor headshots in NYC is to choose the right time of day. The ideal time is during “golden hour,” which is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. The light during this time is soft, warm, and diffused, which is perfect for creating a natural look. Keep in mind that this time of day is also dependent on weather and location, so be sure to check the forecast before scheduling your shoot.

Find the Right Location

The location of your shoot is just as important as the time of day. It’s important to choose a location that offers a variety of natural backdrops, such as parks, gardens, or even industrial areas. You want to select a location that provides interesting textures and colors that will complement your outfit and overall look. Avoid locations that are too busy or cluttered, as this can be distracting in the final images.

Use Natural Light to Your Advantage

When shooting outdoors, you want to use natural light to your advantage. In order to capture the perfect shot, position yourself so that the light is hitting your face at a flattering angle. This means avoiding direct sunlight on your face, which can create harsh shadows and uneven lighting. Instead, look for open shade or partial shade, which can provide a more even and flattering light.

Consider Your Wardrobe and Hair

It’s important to consider your wardrobe and hair when shooting outdoor headshots. You want to wear clothing that is comfortable and professional, while also complementing your skin tone and eye color. Avoid clothing with busy patterns or bright colors, as this can be distracting in the final images. Additionally, you want to ensure your hair is styled in a way that is neat and polished, without any frizz or flyaways.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional

While it is certainly possible to take outdoor headshots on your own, it is highly recommended to hire a professional photographer. A professional can help you navigate the logistics of location, time of day, and lighting, and ensure that you get high-quality images that will make a great impression. Additionally, they can provide guidance on wardrobe and styling, and help you feel relaxed and confident during your shoot. Investing in a professional photographer is a wise choice if you want to ensure that you get the best possible results. Should you desire to extend your understanding of the subject, be sure to check out this carefully selected external resource we’ve prepared to complement your reading. Examine this valuable content!


Getting great outdoor headshots in NYC using natural light can be a game-changer when it comes to presenting yourself professionally. By following these tips on timing, location, lighting, wardrobe, and hiring a professional, you can ensure that your headshots stand out for all the right reasons. Whether you are looking for a job, promoting a business, or establishing your personal brand, a great headshot can help you make a lasting impression.

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